Construction Management Career Information

A construction manager is known by various other profile names – constructor, construction superintendent, general superintendent, production manager, project manager, general construction manager, executive construction manager, general contractor, contractor and subcontractor are some of them. The job profile of a construction manager may require him to be available 24×7, to deal with the ‘n’ number of factors that can create problems at a construction site. A construction manager may be self-employed, or working on a payroll for some construction company. Qualification: A solid background in building sciences, combined with some relative experience in the field, is the ideal qualification needed for this job profile. Relevant knowledge of business administration would work further to your advantage. A degree in construction engineering or civil engineering, is the utmost necessity for entering into this field. There are a number of good institutes that carry out courses in construction engineering.

This branch is also known by other names, like construction science and construction technology. The course duration is generally four years. Candidates with a master’s degree in construction management, get hired very easily by the large construction companies. Many candidates, who are hired as construction managers, are thoroughly assessed on their understanding of construction plans, construction drawings, cost estimation and management skills. Generally, people rise to the post of construction managers after gaining sufficient experience in crafts work, construction supervision, etc. An additional certification from organizations like American Institute of Constructors (AIC) and Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), though not compulsory, would definitely act as a positive factor in the candidate’s resume. Career Opportunities: The construction industry is one of the fastest growing sectors all over the world. It has been studied and it is estimated by various labor science bureaus, that the non-residential construction industry will have an even more rapid growth, by the end of this decade. As the construction industry keeps rising, the need for construction managers will also keep on increasing.

Financial Benefits: The earnings of a construction engineer generally depend on the type of construction project he is handling. The geographic location of the construction site is also taken into account, when deciding the salary. Construction managers generally have to work far away from their office and in many cases, they are sent to work outside their country. In such cases, their career is generally very lucrative. Construction managers are also entitled to different types of bonuses and allowances. It is a general view, that the construction industry has also been hit by recession, just like any other industry, but the career prospects in this industry are not going to dim. Rising market conditions are always accompanied by a number of constructions. As the economy starts growing more and more, construction managers will be required to keep the infrastructural growth, in pace with the recovering economy.

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